jeudi 28 février 2019
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European legislative framework:

Food supplements, Novel foods,FSMP…and BREXIT outcomes.


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Next March 13th at Brussels, we will run our successful training session covering the FOOD SUPPLEMENTS legislative framework: from the basics to the last implementations.

We will also cover specific Frontier products such as FSMP (Food for Special Nutritional Purposes) and the new regulation in place on NOVEL FOODS.

The last but not the least, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) will update us on the BREXIT OUTCOMES : How, when, what next !

Let’s evaluate your knowledge and seize new opportunities.

Best regards


Cédric BOURGES, PhD in Pharmacy, Founder and President



·    The essential legal bases related to general food law and food supplements

·    Composition: Ingredients usable in food supplements & The new Novel Food Regulation, opportunities and constraints

·    Mandatory Labelling: legal mentions and warnings

·    Communication: Regulatory constraints in terms of voluntary communication

·    Foods for medical purposes (FSMP)

·    Brexit Outcomes: How, when, what next! Speaker: ESSNA/Whitehouse Consulting

Practical information :

NUTRAVERIS is a certified training organism No. 53 22 08444 22
Dates, times and location: March 13th from 9h to 18h at Brussels
Lunch included, on site with all participants and trainers

Teaching process : Power Point presentation and full support 

Price : 850 € HT or 550 € HT for Nutraveris customers (2017 & 2018) and 450 € HT for any additionnal participant of the same company

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact: Patricia PAUGAM  +332 96 76 54 87

 See the full program here 
 Oneline Registration here 


Cédric BOURGES / Founder – Chief Executive Officer

Cedric BOURGES has a PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmacology, a MBA and a master degree in Food Law. In January 2006, he created the consultancy NUTRAVERIS and surrounded himself with numerous experts, experienced executives coming from industry, mastering various and complementary know-how (formulation, manufacturing processes, clinical studies, research, preparation of European files, regulatory affairs), or narrowly specialized and synergetic training (Pharmacist, PhD, Agro-food engineers, Master degree in Law and in Nutrition and Health, …). Thanks to its solid, mature and well-organized scientific and regulatory departments, the strength of the NUTRAVERIS consultancy lies in an expert, complementary, dynamic and responsive team.

We are resolutely focused on the client’s satisfaction and success, providong tailored and strategic solutions.


Thomas PAUQUAI / Scientific Department Manager


Thomas PAUQUAI has a PhD in Physiology & Physiopathology. Head of Scientific department, he and his team prepare and submit successful health claim and Novel Food dossiers, formulate innovative health products, submit patents, and perform medical writing justifying the efficacy and safety of Health & Nutrition products.



Amélie DENIS / Regulatory Department Manager

Amélie DENIS is an agri-food engineer. Head of the Regulatory department, she and her team advise our clients on developments, applications and interpretations of regulatory texts in the 28 Member States of the European Union. Highly operational, the team analyzes the compliance of the compositions, labeling rules, communications and successfully notify all over Europe more than 2000 food supplements, sports products, foods for special medical purposes, fortified foods, infant nutrition products.


Andrea GUTIERREZ-SOLANA / ESSNA / The White house consultancy / EU food and nutrition policy consultant

AndreaAndrea GUTIERREZ-SOLANA holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science and a Master’s in European Union Law. She is a consultant at The Whitehouse Consultancy, where she supports and advises clients on a range of issues including food and nutrition policy. She also supports companies assessing the viability of entry into new markets and helps them navigate the uncertainties surrounding Brexit. Andrea has a comprehensive knowledge of EU policies, having previously held positions in Brussels where she gained substantial experience in EU trade policy and agri-food regulations.



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