Tuesday, October 2, 2012
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Black currant is already known for its hypotensive and vasodilatory properties. Based on this observation, this randomized, double blinded and placebo-controlled study has examined the effect of black currant anthocyanins in subjects with glaucoma. After a 2 year supplementation with 50 mg/d of anthocyanins, a significant modification in visual field mean deviation has been measured. Moreover, ocular blood circulation has been increased in the supplemented subjects in comparison with placebo, without leading to an increase in blood pressure. Thus, this study highlights beneficial ocular effects of dietary supplements containing black currant.

Reference: Ohguro H, Ohguro I, Katai M, Tanaka S (2012) “Two-year randomized, placebo-controlled study of black currant anthocyanins on visual field in glaucoma.” Ophthalmologica.;228(1):26-35

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