Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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This study evaluated the antithrombotic activities of the aqueous extract of Gardenia jasminoides (GJ-ext) in mouse and rat models. GJ-ext was administrated orally to detect the effects on the models of carrageenan-induced tail thrombosis and arteriovenous shunt thrombosis. The effects on antiplatelet aggregation and on venous thrombosis were examined. GJ-ext (67, 133 and 266 mg/kg) and aspirin (50 mg/kg), respectively, decreased the length of tail thrombus with average thrombus inhibition rate of 21.9, 55.7, 65.8 and 57.6% at 48 h and 19.0, 54.5, 69.3 and 56.9% at 72 h after carrageenan injection and, meanwhile, improved thrombosis induced by arteriovenous shunt with 36.3, 45.5, 86.4 and 63.7% inhibition rate of thrombus respectively. Furthermore, GJ-ext (67 mg/kg) and geniposide (20 mg/kg) significantly inhibited platelet aggregation induced by thrombin/collagen with 45.1%/19.3% and 52.8%/26.2% aggregation rate. Geniposide (10-40 mg/kg) and genipin (5-20 mg/kg) inhibited venous thrombosis induced by tight ligation of the inferior vena cava, their ED(50) values were 18.4 and 8.6 mg/kg, respectively.

Pharm Biol. 2013 Feb;51(2):221-5.
Antithrombotic activities of aqueous extract from Gardenia jasminoides and its main constituent.
Zhang HY, Liu H, Yang M, Wei SF.

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