Monday, September 30, 2013
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Three Article 13.5 health claims which had received positive opinions from EFSA in 2010, 2011 and 2012 are now authorized according to Regulation (EU) N° 851/2013 of 3 September 2013:

–       “Replacing sugar-containing, acidic drinks, such as soft drinks (typically 8-12 g sugars/100 ml), with reformulated drinks contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization” (Petitioner: GlaxoSmithKline Services Unlimited)

–      “Consumption of products high in slowly digestible starch (SDS) raises blood glucose concentration less after a meal compared to products low in SDS” (Petitioner: Mondelēz International group)

–      “Cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow” (Petitioner: Barry Callebaut Belgium nv.)

These 3 health claims are restricted to the use of their petitioner for a period of five years.

Moreover EFSA published in July 6 positive opinions on:

2 Article 14 health claims – Disease risk reduction:

–      Limicol® (combination of numerous ingredients) and reduction of blood LDL-cholesterol concentrations

–      Increasing maternal folate status by supplemental folate intake and reduced risk of neural tube defects

3 Article 14 health claims – Children’s development & health, for infants and children up to three years:

–      Magnesium and contribution to normal development of bone

–      Iron and contribution to normal cognitive development

–      Vitamin A and contribution to normal development and function of the immune system

1 positive opinion on an Article 13.5 health claim:

–      “Non-fermentable” carbohydrates (of which Nutriose®) and maintenance of tooth mineralisation by decreasing tooth demineralization.

Experts from Nutraveris consultancy are at your disposal for bringing their know-how concerning your projects of new specific health claims.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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At the end of July, Nutraveris was honored to be selected by the French Prime Minister’s office to join the delegation of four ministers, senators, and businessmen on a mission on health at Seoul. Representing the French colors during the first Prime Minister’s official visit to Korea, Nutraveris was presented as one of the best European scientific and regulatory consultancies for its excellence in assisting companies in registering their products in Europe.

Accompanied by four ministers: Ms Fleur Pellerin, Small and Medium Enterprises, Innovation and Digital Economy; Geneviève Fioraso, Higher Education and Research; Dr. Helene Conway -Mouret, the French Foreign; and Kader Arif, 6 parliamentarians, veterans, businessmen and representatives of the French press, the Prime Minister met Ms Park Geun- hye, President of the Republic of Korea and Hong Chung -won, the Prime Minister.

Nutraveris got the great opportunity to contribute to meetings of the Korean and French business community in Seoul with the aim of training Korean’s most important pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food professionals to support their company’s access to the development of the European market.

The Prime Minister has declared Korea “a friend and partner” of France “with a potential future” and whose “role is going to be growing”. Trades between France and South Korea amounted to nearly $ 8 billion per year. Addressing Korean companies the French head of government emphasized that they had “a great potential for investment in France” especially implying small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This was confirmed by Cédric Bourges, founder and managing director of Nutraveris, who explained t that “60% of Nutraveris’ sales was indeed realized internationally”.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
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While waiting for the publication of the final French law regarding authorized plants in food supplements, our database NUTRAVERIS’ON LINE has been updated with the specific elements in the annex I of the draft text which could impact labelling of food supplements concerning 70 botanicals:

· Mandatory warnings
· Substances with maximum levels or for which analysis reports are necessary.

This update aims to help you to anticipate some new restrictions which could impact your labellings.
Note however that there may still be some minor changes in the final publication. That’s why the complete update of our database with all the information included in Annex I will be made only when the final text will be published.