Monday, September 30, 2013
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Three Article 13.5 health claims which had received positive opinions from EFSA in 2010, 2011 and 2012 are now authorized according to Regulation (EU) N° 851/2013 of 3 September 2013:

–       “Replacing sugar-containing, acidic drinks, such as soft drinks (typically 8-12 g sugars/100 ml), with reformulated drinks contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization” (Petitioner: GlaxoSmithKline Services Unlimited)

–      “Consumption of products high in slowly digestible starch (SDS) raises blood glucose concentration less after a meal compared to products low in SDS” (Petitioner: Mondelēz International group)

–      “Cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow” (Petitioner: Barry Callebaut Belgium nv.)

These 3 health claims are restricted to the use of their petitioner for a period of five years.

Moreover EFSA published in July 6 positive opinions on:

2 Article 14 health claims – Disease risk reduction:

–      Limicol® (combination of numerous ingredients) and reduction of blood LDL-cholesterol concentrations

–      Increasing maternal folate status by supplemental folate intake and reduced risk of neural tube defects

3 Article 14 health claims – Children’s development & health, for infants and children up to three years:

–      Magnesium and contribution to normal development of bone

–      Iron and contribution to normal cognitive development

–      Vitamin A and contribution to normal development and function of the immune system

1 positive opinion on an Article 13.5 health claim:

–      “Non-fermentable” carbohydrates (of which Nutriose®) and maintenance of tooth mineralisation by decreasing tooth demineralization.

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