Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Pomegranate has become a leading natural ingredient, recognized by consumer as a super-fruit. Among its various beneficial effects, recent in vivo studies have shown that pomegranate may prevent bone loss. Zhang et al. (2016) have reported that an aqueous pomegranate seed extract can attenuate glucocorticoid-induced bonne loss in mice.


Pomegranate peel extract may also possess significant beneficial effects. In a preclinical model of osteoporosis, this extract prevented bone loss (-31.9%, p < 0.001 vs. control) and bone microarchitecture impairments (Spilmont et al., 2015). In vitro results suggested that the pomegranate peel extract reduces osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption. Even if human clinical trials are lacking, various other preclinical studies support the use of pomegranate for bone health.


 Spilmont M, Léotoing L, Davicco MJ, Lebecque P, Miot-Noirault E, Pilet P, Rios L, Wittrant Y, Coxam V. Pomegranate Peel Extract Prevents Bone Loss in a Preclinical Model of Osteoporosis and Stimulates Osteoblastic Differentiation in Vitro. Nutrients. 2015 Nov 11;7(11):9265-84.

 Zhang Y, Shao J, Wang Z, Yang T, Liu S, Liu Y, Fan X, Ye W. Aqueous extract of pomegranate seed attenuates glucocorticoid-induced bone loss and hypercalciuria in mice: A comparative study with alendronate. Int J Mol Med. 2016 Aug;38(2):491-8.


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