Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Andrographis paniculata is an annual herb and widely cultivated in Southeast Asian countries for its medicinal use. It is acknowledged for its effect on upper respiratory tract infection and recent data show other possible uses.

In recent investigations, this herb was found to be effective against Type 1 diabetes mellitus (Type 1 DM). In a non-genetic out-bred Sprague-Dawley rat model was tested the antidiabetic activity of A. paniculata against Type 2 diabetes mellitus (Type 2 DM). Compared to the normal rats, high levels of creatinine, lactate, and allantoin were found in the urine of obese rats, whereas, obese-diabetic rats were marked by high glucose, choline and taurine levels, and low lactate, formate, creatinine, citrate, 2-oxoglutarate, succinate, dimethylamine, acetoacetate, acetate, allantoin and hippurate levels. Treatment of A. paniculata leaf water extract was found to be quite effective in restoring the disturbed metabolic profile of obdb rats back towards normal conditions. This study shows the anti-diabetic potential of A. paniculata plant extract and strengthens the idea of using this plant against the diabetes.

andrographis paniculata

Regarding andrographolides, diterpene of the labdane family obtained from Andrographis paniculata, their effect to recover the cognitive decline was assessed in a rodent model of in a natural model of Alzheimer’s disease. Results suggest that there is an effect of aging on the loss of cognitive function, and this decrease in cognitive function was also related to a decrease in the synaptic functions and an increase in the main hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). More importantly, andrographolides treatments showed the following beneficial effects: (1) recovery of spatial memory and learning performance; (2) recovery of synaptic basal transmission; (3) partial or complete protection of certain synaptic proteins; and (4) a specific neuroprotective effect, including the reduction of phosphorylated tau protein and amyloid beta aggregate maturation in aged degus. Taken together, these results suggest that andrographolides could be used as a potential therapy for AD.



Akhtar MT, Bin Mohd Sarib MS, Ismail IS, Abas F, Ismail A, Lajis NH, Shaari K. Anti-Diabetic Activity and Metabolic Changes Induced by Andrographis paniculata Plant Extract in Obese Diabetic Rats. Molecules. 2016;21(8).

 Rivera DS, Lindsay C, Codocedo JF, Morel I, Pinto C, Cisternas P, Bozinovic F, Inestrosa NC. Andrographolide recovers cognitive impairment in a natural model of Alzheimer’s disease (Octodon degus). Neurobiol Aging. 2016 Jul 5;46:204-220.


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