Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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Meet our experts at HIE Frankfurt

When looking to expand in Europe, did you ever wonder if:

  • is your formula compliant with the 28 different European Member States regulations?
  • are your ingredients allowed, are there maximal dosage, warning to add?
  • may you use specific claims and how?
  • is there any science backing efficacy and safety or your ingredients?
  • who your competitors are?

If so, we have the right solution used for 10 years by more than 500 industry leaders to solve all their regulatory, scientific and marketing concerns



NOL®, NUTRAVERIS ONLINE, is the most efficient data solution to create, keep up-to-date and launch your products in the 28 EU member states.

This collaborative and complete tool contains all regulatory, scientific and marketing data :

  • It solves all regulatory issues since it contains the required information on all ingredients authorized in the 28 European member states…on regulatory status, health claims, national authority opinions.
  • It protects your investments since it is updated in real time with reliable quality information analyzed and reviewed by our experts + hotline service included.
  • It enables you to be the most responsive with monthly reports and live alerts and a personal use of the information with a report editing tool and customizable bookmarks.

Come and discover this leading solution and our special HIE offer to formulate and adapt your products to European constraints on our booth C23 at Health Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt – Germany, from November 29th to December 1st.

Our Experts will be glad to welcome you and answer all your Regulatory & Scientific queries.


Just book your appointment with them there



As a reminder, Nutraveris is a leading European scientific and regulatory consultancy group in nutrition and health. We support nutraceutical laboratories, ingredient suppliers and health food groups with successful Scientific and Regulatory strategies that include :

  • Regulatory compliance of formula, labelling, communication, advertising.
  • Registration in the 28 European countries.
  • Preparation and submission of Health claims files for efficacy and Novel foods files for safety.
  • NOL, the leading Data solution, solving all regulatory, scientific and marketing needs.