Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions, developed by our experts, NOL Datasolution to Create & NOL Compliance to Launch your products, inform you :  


In collaboration with Amway (USA), Nutraveris, the leading European consultancy in nutrition and health, has obtain two news novel food approvals by EFSA. These applications were related to two specific chia seeds extracts (Salvia hispanica L.), on Chia seed fiber and one Chia seed protein preparation, for use in food supplements and in a range of foodstuffs. The target population was adults from the general population, excluding children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Nutraveris: two news novel food approvals by EFSA


Submitted as soon as the new novel food regulation was in place, both applications have been evaluated simultaneously.

EFSA recognized that both Chia seed extracts are safe for the use of food supplements intended for the general population, and in several food categories such as milk products, confectionery or fruit juices and other beverages.

These successes demonstrate once again the strengths of Nutraveris, either in the preparation and submission of Novel Food applications, and in its follow-up during EFSA evaluation. Do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain authorization for your ingredients.


NUTRAVERIS is the Leading European consultancy on Regulatory & Scientific affairs in Nutrition and Health, founded 13 years ago, to help you formulate, ensure the compliance and substantiation of your products in the 28 EU Member States. 

Thanks to our strong know-how and experience of regulatory compliance, notifications, novel foods, health claims, medical writing,…We, as experts, created Artificial Intelligence solutions, that we use in our everyday missions:
-NOL Datasolution to CREATE new products thanks to Regulatory, Scientific & Marketing data.
-NOL Compliance to LAUNCH products into the different EU member states thanks to automated Compliance analysis, Labeling generation and Monitoring & updating at anytime.

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