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Tuesday, June 5, 2012
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Last week, the controversial European Union article 13 health claim list has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, giving companies until December 14 to get their claim-making, labelling, advertizing and other web communication in order.

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Thursday 7 June, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012
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You can discover:
-An analysis on herbal ingredients: the solution to innovate in health and nutrition
-Sports-related health claims: guidelines for EFSA application are coming
-The claims assessed
-Communication to health care professionals: interpretation of regulation by European Member States
– US dietary supplements are getting ready for Europe: Focus on Natural Products Expo West 2012
-Nutraveris is setting up its US office in New Jersey

-Food supplements and functional foods: appraisal of relations to consumers
-Focus on Satiereal®
-Scientific news

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Thursday, March 1, 2012
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In the Nutrition & health market, scientific and regulatory data is of strategic importance. It often makes the difference against competition, especially when used for innovation, to identify ingredients with best proven activity, or for international development, leading to chose more reachable markets.

However, it is difficult to turn this data into a clear and complete overview, as information is spread over the web, sometimes expensive or even not accessible, and constantly changing. This is the need Nutraveris intends to satisfy, launching today the advanced version of its world-reference database: Nutraveris On-Line 2.0.

“Previous version has already convinced a large number of users in only 3 years”, says Cedric Bourges, CEO of the European-leading scientific and regulatory consultancy. Indeed, Nutraveris On-Line has been chosen as a premium source of data by more than 150 industrialists.

“Nutraveris On-Line access includes scientific and regulatory monthly reports, providing new scientific substantiation, and last requirements from European administrations” says a subscribing project director at L’Oréal. Nutraveris On-Line also brings a lot to regulatory affairs, especially concerning health claims, as mentions a marketing manager at Forever Living: “we are continuously adapting our communications on our brochure. With the help of Nutraveris On-Line database, we are able to evaluate health claims still usable from those we should stop rapidly”.

Today, the 2.0 version makes this strategic information even quicker, enabling to be extremely reactive. The new “personalized watch” function sends notifications as soon as new studies or regulations are published about a pre-selected health application or ingredient, with clear and objective synthesis. With this new function comes the possibility to cumulate research criteria (e.g. to obtain all clinical studies and EFSA 13.1 positive opinions on a particular ingredient and health application), plus a whole lot of visual and ergonomic improvements.

The database is still being live-updated by Nutraveris experts, involving a weekly research and analysis of more than 1,500 publications and opinions. It provides complete answers on all ingredients and health applications that could possibly be used in Europe, which means more than 2,100 ingredients (vitamins, minerals, plants) and 132 health applications (weight management, joint health, immune system…). Subscription is accessible via Nutraveris On Line 2.0

Thursday, December 30, 2010
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After the “Big Mac whole wheat” in Mac Donalds, Quick recently launched the Bio sandwich. After the Bio drinking yoghurt and the Bio apple juice that we already can found in the fast-food restaurants, now, it is the the first cheeseburger Bio.

It would be really interesting to define what are the ingredients from organic farming, because, according to the regulation, 95% of the ingredients must come from organic farming to qualify for this designation.

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Monday, November 29, 2010
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After first observations suggesting a link between the gut microflora and obesity, first reviews on this topic were published around the year 2008.

From this date, the number of publications is still growing. Even more interesting: several years after the first experimental studies conducted in animals in order to investigate the effects of probiotic supplementation in weight gain and fat body mass, human interventional studies are now being published and have been following one another for several months.       

Whereas to date most of the food supplements on the slimming market are formulated on the basis of mixes plant extracts (more and more numerous), one can expect the emergence of a “new generation” of slimming products, in which herbs would have been replaced by some probiotic strains.

Furthermore, when having a quick look on patents, it seems that all the leaders – or most of them – of the probiotic market have invested this research area. Reliable information or strategy to mislead industrial watch?

However, this new application of probiotics will probably need to educate the consumer, who is up to now mainly used to hearing messages promoting the benefits of probiotics for natural defenses and gut function.