The editorial staff

Nutraveris is a scientific and regulatory consultancy leader in Europe in the nutrition and health market. We support and advise laboratories, pharmaceutical, agro-food and cosmetic groups for a full market approval and the optimization of “product” leader ship up to regulation respect.

With a strong team of scientific and regulatory experts and a unique and real-time database, Nutraveris helps you to formulate, to ensure the efficacy of your products, writing scientific argumentation and setting up clinical studies. We prepare and submit for you file assessment through international administrations.

Cédric Bourges and his team

Cédric Bourges is a Phd in Pharmacy, he also has done post-graduate in Pharmaceutical and a MBA. After have worked in a regulatory consultancy in the field of health products, he was involved in the development of new botanical extracts for BERKEM, now NAT’life in NATUREX, being the inventor of various reference patents: Lifenol®, Svetol®, Cyracos®,…

Then he joined the German group MARTIN BAUER (Finzelberg, Plantextrakt, Noveal,…) where he completed his knowledge of numerous markets (Pharmaceutical, Agro-food, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical) and processes (Manufacturing of food supplements, analyses of active substances). He became the head of R&D department of PHYSCIENCE, then the N°2 of the Food supplement French market where he organized the formulation and the development of new products very innovative leader in the market and their market entry worldwide, shouldering also the regulatory responsibility which enabled him to master the regulatory issues in numerous countries, the adaptations to make and the mutual recognition strategies.

In January 2006, He created the consultancy NUTRAVERIS and surrounded himself of numerous experts, experienced executives coming from industry (NUTRIHEALTH, PHYSCIENCE, NUTRINOV, NUTRITION &SANTE, PONROY, UCB PHARMA, LESCUYER, …) mastering various and complementary know-how (Formulation, manufacturing processes, clinical studies, research, preparation of European files, Regulatory affairs,…), of narrowly specialized and synergetic training (Pharmacist, Doctor in physiopathology, Biochemistry engineers, Agro-food engineers, Master’s degree in Law and in Nutrition and Health, Dieticians…).

Thank to its two Scientific and Regulatory departments, strong, mature and well organized, the strength of the consultancy NUTRAVERIS, lies in an expert, complementary, dynamic and reactive Team, resolutely focused on the client: its advice, its satisfaction and its success giving him the tailored and strategic solutions.