Thursday, June 14, 2012
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Training AFIPA – Tuesday 19th of june 2012 – Hôtel Bedford, 17 rue de l’Arcade, Paris 8e.

This program will be dedicated to the development and market access of food supplement relating to the new European Regulation.
Key points for successful development will be presented: players, regulatory texts, labelling requirements, authorized claims… You’ll be able to connect directly with experts at lunch time.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012
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NUTRAVERIS participates to the Synadiet training in Paris, on june 7th, about impact of new health claim regulation on your strategy.
Synadiet is a leading professional association in France, made of leading nutrition and health players.
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Last week, the controversial European Union article 13 health claim list has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, giving companies until December 14 to get their claim-making, labelling, advertizing and other web communication in order.

Learn How to Adapt during the International HANDS-ON Workshop “Practical consequences of the new nutrition labelling & health claims regulation”
Hotel BLOOM!Brussels, Belgium
Thursday 7 June, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012
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You can discover:
-An analysis on herbal ingredients: the solution to innovate in health and nutrition
-Sports-related health claims: guidelines for EFSA application are coming
-The claims assessed
-Communication to health care professionals: interpretation of regulation by European Member States
– US dietary supplements are getting ready for Europe: Focus on Natural Products Expo West 2012
-Nutraveris is setting up its US office in New Jersey

-Food supplements and functional foods: appraisal of relations to consumers
-Focus on Satiereal®
-Scientific news

Come and get your copy free of charge and meet our experts in the SUPPLY SIDE Market place in New York from 8 to 10 may 2012 and at the VITAFOODS Europe in Geneva from 22 to 24 may 2012.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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ADRIA training in Paris 28 and 29/03/2012
Regulation applying to nutritional claims is becoming more complex in Europe and is changing. Nevertheless, health foods market is still increasing. Industrials have to find new solutions to innovate and communicate.
Cedric BOURGES, CEO at NUTRAVERIS, presents solutions to innovate in Europe, using ingredients with positive EFSA claims.
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