Thursday, June 7, 2012
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Following the report of two new cases of death due to heart attack associated with energy drink consumption, the ANSES asks to health care professionals to indicate all adverse events potentially linked to these energy drinks. The term “energy drink”, which has no regulatory frame, corresponds to drinks containing stimulating ingredients as taurine, caffeine, guarana or ginseng. In addition to the harmful effects of the combination of these drinks with alcohol, the ANSES states that 13 energy drink-associated pathologies, for which the cause and effect relationship is probable or possible, have been reported since 2008. These pathologies are mainly neurologic, psychiatric and cardiovascular diseases.
The ANSES reminds that these drinks are only for adults, and should be consumed in moderation. Energy drinks are not recommended for pregnant women, and conversely to energetic drinks, these they are not adapted for an intense physical activity.