Monday, November 29, 2010
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After first observations suggesting a link between the gut microflora and obesity, first reviews on this topic were published around the year 2008.

From this date, the number of publications is still growing. Even more interesting: several years after the first experimental studies conducted in animals in order to investigate the effects of probiotic supplementation in weight gain and fat body mass, human interventional studies are now being published and have been following one another for several months.       

Whereas to date most of the food supplements on the slimming market are formulated on the basis of mixes plant extracts (more and more numerous), one can expect the emergence of a “new generation” of slimming products, in which herbs would have been replaced by some probiotic strains.

Furthermore, when having a quick look on patents, it seems that all the leaders – or most of them – of the probiotic market have invested this research area. Reliable information or strategy to mislead industrial watch?

However, this new application of probiotics will probably need to educate the consumer, who is up to now mainly used to hearing messages promoting the benefits of probiotics for natural defenses and gut function.